English Cheatsheet: How Are You?

I'm currently working as an English conversation instructor in Japan, so a lot of my scheming and organizing lately has to do with the structure of English. I've got some really good charts in the works for later, but right now I just have a handful of really practical sheets that I drew with markers and put up on the walls of our classrooms. I have them arranged by difficulty with the simplest at the bottom (little kids' eye level).

Here's the first "cheatsheet" in a series to be posted. You'll want to draw four little faces to go with the labels floating on the right side of the "great"-"terrible" scale.

"How are you?" / "How's it going?"
pretty good
not so goodsicktired
pretty bad

So you can see how this sort of sheet works. Translations to the source language might be nice, but they're not all that necessary if you draw the charts right. Maybe a translation of the question at the top of each sheet would be good.

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