English Cheatsheet: How Often?

This sheet should have some kind of indication that the terms listed are on a sliding scale with zero at the bottom. I use a sort of stretched-out upside-down triangle for the terms on the left and a line labeled with percentages (100% / 50% / 0%) on the right. I suggest putting the two columns of terms in different colors and "hardly ever"/"never" in a third color halfway between the others. These two terms should be centered to show that both scales end with them.

To complicate matters a little, "always" can be used in place of "all the time" to mean "really often", but "all the time" can't be used in place of "always" to mean "100% of the time". "Sometimes" and "now and then" have a similar relationship. Handle this however you want, but I suggest moving "always" and "sometimes" over to the left a little and giving them the same in-between color as "hardly ever" and "never".

"How often?"
all the timealways
pretty oftenusually
now and thensometimes
once in a whilenot usually
hardly ever

As a side note, this is the first English cheatsheet I ever designed, so it holds a special place in my heart. I mean, it's pretty useful because answering a "How often?" question can be surprisingly confusing.

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