English Cheatsheet: Yes or No?

Here's a sheet to help students deal with yes-or-no questions. Usually, it's not so simple as just "yes" or "no". Notice that the two columns have slightly different meanings (though some words are interchangeable in some cases). The column on the left should be marked with a green check at the top, a red X at the bottom, and a question mark in the middle (probably orangish-yellow to follow the traffic light theme). The column on the right should probably have a percentage scale. This shows that "maybe" is an uncertain answer while "kind of" is just half-hearted.

"Are you . . . ?" / "Do you . . . ?"
yeah / uh-huh / yes
probablypretty much
maybekind of
probably notnot really
no / uh-uh
no waynot at all

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