My Language

I'm tired of English. It's confusing and messy and... I just want my own language already. So that's part of what I'll be posting about here: plans for a constructed language that makes sense in a way that natural languages never do.

Right now, I'm an English conversation teacher in Japan. Soon I'll be going back to school in El Paso, Texas, to work on my master's degree in linguistics. So obviously (since this blog is about language), you'll be seeing a lot of information on English, Japanese, Spanish, and linguistics (from the perspective of both a teacher and a student).

I chose the name Vokation for this site because I feel that language is my calling, both my passion and my profession. I put the K in there (using the German spelling) because I don't really like letters like C with more than one reading. (And honestly, it's hard to find a decent domain name, so I went with the K!)

Anyway, keep checking back here for more than you ever wanted to know about everything linguistic! Over the years, I've gathered all kinds of information that I'll be leaking out here on a regular basis.

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