Who Needs Adjectives?

If you're like me, you're probably in the process of building a new artificial language for some reason. You might make certain assumptions as to what your conlang needs to be a real bona fide means of communication. In my last post, I said you don't need prepositions, but you probably need adjectives, right? Wrong!

Remember that when I talk about adjectives, I'm talking about something like "weird" not something like "weirdness" (which is a noun). And of course, if we didn't have the word "weird" as an adjective, why on earth would we keep that "-ness" on the end of our noun?

Take an adjective like "fast". We don't really say "fastness" but rather "speed". You could pretty much always use the phrase "with speed" instead of "fast". (Actually, that same phrase could also replace "quickly", which shows that the difference between adjectives and adverbs is pretty minimal.) But wait a minute. Didn't I just get finished saying you don't need prepositions like "with"? Oh yeah, I can just use "having" instead!

So the following sentence:

The fast tiger ate the slow boy.

could be more like:

The tiger having speed ate the boy lacking speed.

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