English Cheatsheet: How About You?

The meaning of this one is a little hard to convey purely visually with no translation or explanation. It can be confusing, so be careful. The idea is that someone has just said something about emself and has possibly followed it up with a "How about you?" You're supposed to say something about yourself making a really simple comparison.

I use icons on the left to try to indicate which phrases are used in which situations. I think the best way to do this is probably using a green check to represent a positive statement and a red X to represent a negative. You can connect the first statement to the second using an arrow. So the first line should have two checks, the second should have two Xs, the third should have check followed by an X, and the last line should have an X followed by a check.

". . . How about you?"
I do too.Me too.So do I.
I don't either.Me neither.Neither do I.
I don't.Not me.
I do.

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