Hard to Say... Hardly Sayable

Last night, I was thinking I should write down some of the things I've been wishing were easier to express in English. The first things I thought of were "annoyingly uncapturable" and "unconveyable". It soon occurred to me that I wanted something that meant "un-X-able" but sounded less clunky and long-winded.

After much trial and error, I came up with the pattern of "X-erless", giving me (with simple, Germanic words) "wrongly keeperless" and "sayerless". I also thought that something "beautifully and amazingly incomprehensible" like God or the Tao could be called "sweetly seerless".

It doesn't literally mean exactly the same thing, but the meaning of my terms is a little truer philosophically. Calling something "seerless" doesn't exactly mean it's impossible to see, just that nobody has seen it yet. There aren't any "seers", but there could be later. I like leaving that open.

I've also noticed a lot of technical-sounding words that (in my opinion) have a basic enough meaning that they demand to be shortened somehow.

  • actually
  • agitated, nervous and irritable
  • analyze
  • become, get (in some cases)
  • behaving, following the rules, acting appropriately
  • bewildered, confused and scared
  • convey, express, say (in some cases)
  • epiphany, revelation
  • exist, be (with "there"), aru (in Japanese)
  • familiar, triggering nostalgic feelings, natsukashii (in Japanese)
  • frivolous, unnecessary, extra
  • frustrated
  • horrifyingly mundane, way too normal (in a creepy way)
  • impossible, muri (in Japanese)
  • improper, not allowed, dame (in Japanese)
  • keeping busy but not achieving anything
  • literally
  • messing around, having fun, fuzakeru (in Japanese)
  • morpheme (as distinct from "word")
  • motionless, inanimate
  • necessary, required
  • paradigm, example
  • participate [in], play, do (in some cases)
  • procedure, algorithm
  • seemingly
  • tedious, too much trouble, mendoukusai (in Japanese)
  • the focus, the thing being analyzed
  • the point, the most important part
  • threshold
  • tricky, slick, cheating, zurui (in Japanese)
  • understand, see (in some cases), get (in some cases)
  • using the process of trial and error

Actually, if "impossible" were a little easier to say, then my "X-erless" idea would be unnecessary. "Hard to say" is pretty easy to say, but "impossible to say" is a little tough to spit out. "Sayerless" is easier (as long as you don't try to keep the morphemes audibly distinct with little awkward pauses).

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